Protecting the Vunerable

CW: Sexual Assault A former caregiver who worked with people with a variety of disabilities has pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting more than a dozen people in his care. The abuse went unreported for years. James Lee Zook, 69 worked at Faith Friendship Ministries in Pennsylvania. Zook pleaded guilty to 329 charges of institutional sexual… Continue reading Protecting the Vunerable

50 Years After The Rehabilitation Act, The Fight Continues

Yesterday was the 50th anniversary of The Rehabilitation Act. The Rehabilitation Act, signed into law by President Richard M. Nixon on September 26, 1973, was an essential step toward nondiscrimination and full inclusion of people with disabilities in society. Section 504 was the most essential section of the act. People with disabilities gained civil rights… Continue reading 50 Years After The Rehabilitation Act, The Fight Continues

Home Ownership For Disabled People

Glenn Keys co-founded Project Independence to assist people like his son Ehren in purchasing a home. In Canberra Australia, the non-profit has constructed three housing developments for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The approach it uses provides a home for a percentage of a resident’s disability pension and returns any equity paid when they… Continue reading Home Ownership For Disabled People

Accommodations Are Necessary for Disabled People

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.), who experienced a life-threatening stroke before the 2022 midterm elections, became emotional on Thursday while discussing the challenges people with disabilities face. The senator demonstrated transcription software at the meeting while the Senate Special Committee on Aging was holding an open hearing. “Because I live in a political environment, I was… Continue reading Accommodations Are Necessary for Disabled People

Independent Living in England

In Bristol, England, some disabled people fear being forced to move into long-term care facilities. Bristol City Council has produced preliminary proposals as a result of “an operating cost crisis.” It states that if in-home care is too expensive, communal housing, including long term care may be explored. People who live independently can opt to… Continue reading Independent Living in England

How Would a Government Shutdown Affect Disabled People?

Legislators on Capitol Hill are attempting to reach an agreement to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month. Advocates say those with disabilities have a lot at stake. Many federal employees, including those with disabilities, will be furloughed. This will leave government agencies to function at a bare-bones level in October if… Continue reading How Would a Government Shutdown Affect Disabled People?

Accessibility in Guam’s Public Schools

When he took over as Superintendent of the Guam Department of Education, Kenneth Swanson was ‘appalled’ by the department’s failure to offer accommodations for students with disabilities. Swanson and others testified Tuesday in the Guam Congress Building in support of Sen. Will Parkinson’s Bill 98-37, which would provide the Guam Department of Education 180 days… Continue reading Accessibility in Guam’s Public Schools

Filicide and Fraud

CW: Filicide A woman from Oswego County, NY received a sentence of two years in prison for stealing disability benefits meant for her deceased son. Lisa Waldron of Palermo was sentenced to prison by U.S. District Judge Brenda Sannes on Tuesday after pleading guilty in April to 11 charges of theft of government property following… Continue reading Filicide and Fraud

Accessible Housing in England

Waverley Borough Council acknowledged “unreasonable delays” in dealing with a resident’s son who has cerebral palsy. Following a judgment of “severe maladministration” by the housing ombudsman, housing secretary Michael Gove wrote to the council. The family had to wait 18 months for the adaptations. Gorve wrote a letter addressed to Tom Horwood, the council chief.… Continue reading Accessible Housing in England

Where Can People with IDD Live?

The opening of a 36-unit affordable apartment building in Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, left adults with developmental disabilities feeling let down yet again. Supporters say that only two of the seven tenants they represent were even interviewed by the building, which initially made the promise to give priority to those with developmental disabilities. Only one… Continue reading Where Can People with IDD Live?