Pain And Daily Life

CW: Pain I’ve been experiencing more pain than usual lately. This morning, my spasticity was intense. This also contributes to poor sleep. For me, not getting enough sleep leads to difficulty concentrating and sadness. Chronic pain didn’t affect me until I was a teenager. As a child, I was able to move around easily. I… Continue reading Pain And Daily Life

COVID-19 Isn’t Over:

Recently, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidelines regarding the coronavirus. As someone with cerebral palsy, the thought of catching COVID-19 scares me. For some people, the symptoms are debilitating. The most recent information, which was made public on Thursday, showed that there were 8,950 new COVID-19 cases and 39 new deaths… Continue reading COVID-19 Isn’t Over:

Who Am I?

CW: Depression I’ve spent much time over the past couple of years watching home movies. It is hard for me to see myself happy. I don’t remember those times. I wish I could. In the videos, I am excited about Christmas and my birthdays. As I’ve grown up, I’m unsure why I am not happy.… Continue reading Who Am I?

Getting Older Is Hard:

CW: Pain & Depression When I woke up this morning, I realized my spasticity was worse than usual. Ever since puberty, my spasticity has been harder to cope with. I can’t spend all day walking around the mall anymore. Doctors don’t tell you that Cerebral Palsy will change as you age. My muscles are tighter… Continue reading Getting Older Is Hard:

Care Crisis:

In Minnesota, numerous group homes have shut down in the past year as a result of labor shortages. This has left family members providing care for their adult children. Parents like the Morellis are caring for their children when they are elderly themselves. Because of staff shortages at his group home for individuals with disabilities,… Continue reading Care Crisis:

Medicaid Matters:

For millions of Americans, Medicaid is a lifeline. For me, Medicaid allows me to live in my community rather than being forced to live in an institutional setting. Medicaid is the only insurance that covers home and community-based services. Private insurance companies don’t cover PCA services. Without my PCA, it would be impossible for me… Continue reading Medicaid Matters:

Pandemic Anxiety Part II:

CW: Death, Eugenics, & Depression Even though the pandemic has been going on for a couple years now, COVID-19 still concerns me. Anytime I leave my apartment, I feel anxious. In public, I still wear a mask and avoid crowded spaces. Grocery shopping used to be one of my favorite activities. Since the pandemic began,… Continue reading Pandemic Anxiety Part II: