We Never Stopped Fighting:

Last week, the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade. Protests happened nationwide, with some turning violent. In Portland, OR, businesses were damaged. In the wake of destructive protests over the weekend, Maura White, executive director of the Hollywood District’s Mother + Child Education Center, spent Monday morning assessing the building’s damage. White estimated the damage… Continue reading We Never Stopped Fighting:

Air Travel Isn’t Truly Accessible:

CW: Death The main terminal at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport now features a commercial “plane cabin” where travelers may practice putting luggage in overhead bins, inserting the buckle, and drawing the strap tight. The mock aircraft, which is now permanently stationed near Gate C16 in Terminal 1, will hold airport and public safety training exercises,… Continue reading Air Travel Isn’t Truly Accessible:

Disclosure: A Dilemma

I’ve been looking for a job since 2019 and haven’t found anything yet. I’ve filled out hundreds of job applications and have received no offers. In the same time frame, my 18-year-old sister, who doesn’t have Cerebral Palsy, has found two jobs. I’ve had employers rescind interviews because of my CP. I couldn’t even get… Continue reading Disclosure: A Dilemma

Affordable, Accessible Housing Means Independence

As someone with Cerebral Palsy, being independent is important to me. I enjoy having the freedom to make my own decisions. I knew that I wanted to live in my community rather than in a facility such as a group home. Unfortunately, living independently with a disability can be challenging. There is not enough accessible,… Continue reading Affordable, Accessible Housing Means Independence

Now Hiring: Not You!

I have been looking for work since 2019. I’ve filled out hundreds of job applications since then, and have interviewed only five times, and have received no offers. Since the pandemic began, I’ve been hearing about businesses that are having trouble finding employees. New information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that in January,… Continue reading Now Hiring: Not You!

I’m Grateful For The Olmstead Decision:

Olmstead v. L.C. was a landmark Supreme Court decision that was decided on this day in 1999 that required states to eliminate unnecessary segregation of people with disabilities and to ensure that people with disabilities receive services in the most integrated setting suited to their needs. Lois Curtis and Elaine Wilson, two disabled women residing… Continue reading I’m Grateful For The Olmstead Decision:

Productivity Shouldn’t Measure Worth:

In America, the more you achieve, the more worthy you are. I am currently 22 years old and unemployed. Cerebral Palsy makes finding employment difficult. I have filled out hundreds of job applications in the past three years and still haven’t found a job. Cerebral Palsy is a barrier to employment. Employers don’t hire me… Continue reading Productivity Shouldn’t Measure Worth:


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