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Life through the lens of disability

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Is Artificial Intelligence Assistive Technology?

Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT are among the newest technologies to become relevant in the world of education. Education experts are unsure how user-friendly artificial intelligence systems like ChatGPT will change teaching and learning. That concern extends to how AI may affect disabled students. On the one hand, these devices can act as personal…

Bathroom Bills Affect Disabled People

CW: Transphobia Just weeks after the state passed a law that could prohibit people from using restrooms and other facilities that don’t align with their sex assigned at birth, a Kansas woman claimed she was asked to leave the restroom at a library in the state’s largest city while accompanying her adult son who is…

Disabled People Aren’t Welcome Here

CW: Ableism Immigrants with disabilities encounter systemic challenges, including discrimination, socioeconomic deprivation, and barriers to accessing the safety net. However, little information is available on the frequency of disability and the characteristics of adult immigrants who are not elderly. 5.6 percent of nonelderly immigrants are disabled based on five-year estimates from the 2015 to 2019…

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