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Life through the lens of disability

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The Fight Continues

2023 has been a challenging year for me. This year has been filled with bureaucratic hurdles. I’ve had to deal with health insurance, the local community college, and the Social Security Administration. I have received two letters from the Social Security Administration. One was a letter stating I had too many assets to continue receiving…

Cerebral Palsy Is Difficult

I have lived with cerebral palsy for 24 years. As a child, cerebral palsy did not impact me very much. I did well in school, participated in extracurricular activities and enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. Puberty was when I first experienced functional shifts. This was frightening. I slowly lost the abilities that…

IDPD 2023

CW: Sterilization Yesterday was the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a day to acknowledge the world’s largest minority and the challenges they face. The disability community is all too familiar with having to fight for our rights. Because she was “feeble-minded,” Carrie Buck was kept in a state mental hospital. Through three generations of…

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