The Fight Isn’t Over

Life with a disability often feels like navigating a maze with no end, just countless obstacles, memories, and challenges. Disabled people will tell you that it is seldom easy to get access to the services, support, and equipment we need.

This year has been filled with bureaucratic hurdles. I’ve had to deal with health insurance, the local community college, and the Social Security Administration. It is frustrating to have to figure this out. My patience is growing thinner with every setback.

I have received two letters from the Social Security Administration. One was a letter stating I had too many assets to continue receiving SSI. The reason? I had $2,034 in my bank account, a mere $34 over the limit. Without SSI, I would have no way to pay my bills.

The other letter informed me of an overpayment from earlier this year. However, the letter indicated that I had received the correct amount. Unfortunately, I still had to appeal their decision. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the Social Security Administration will begin deducting a set amount of money from my check every month.

I am still waiting for my physiatrist to send me another PT prescription so I can receive a new walker. My PT has already written the letter of medical necessity but he still has to submit it to my insurance company. Can you imagine waiting to find out if you will be receiving something that allows you to live life?

The people who work for my insurance company have never met or spoken to me. I want to live life like any other 23-year-old. Durable medical equipment makes this possible. Without my equipment, I would be stuck in bed all day.

Cerebral Palsy means that I am at the mercy of everyone around me sometimes. I am tired of having to fight for things that I need. I want to be able to pay taxes, vote, travel, work, and live life like everyone else. At times though, it feels like this is too much to ask for.

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