When Other People Help You Live, It’s Not Just Your Life

Yesterday on Twitter, I noticed someone post about how they have to consider other people’s opinions of them to help them live. It’s hard not to consider other people when you depend on them to live your life. For me, one of the frustrating aspects of Cerebral Palsy is requiring help with daily activities.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to shower with complete privacy. I am very fortunate to have a dedicated, reliable PCA. It is challenging to find home healthcare staff. Out of necessity, I’m forced to allow others into locations and situations you thought were private.

As grateful as I am for my PCA’s support, relying on others to help you live your life can sometimes be challenging. I am unable to drive due to Cerebral Palsy. Sometimes I wish I could go out to the grocery store, movie theater, or mall alone.

It can be challenging to coordinate my schedule with his. He is very flexible, yet we each have our own lives. Most nights, I have to use the restroom, so I wake him up. I worry that he thinks of me as a burden.

Few things make me happier than watching TV in my room or reading an e-book on my iPad. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts when I get the rare opportunity to do so. It’s nice not to have to explain every single decision I make.

Being dependent on other people means I enjoy making decisions, no matter how mundane. Choosing my meals or deciding to watch a movie before bed is something that might seem insignificant. However, if I lived in a nursing home, these choices would be made for me.

Disabled people have the right to desire solitude and make their own decisions. Despite the fact that I have Cerebral Palsy and require assistance, I consider myself to be independent. Everyone defines independence differently, but everyone deserves to live life on their terms.

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