Disability Affects Animals Too:

CW: Animal Abuse:

In Georgia recently, a disabled dog was founded abandoned in a ditch. Nelson is a medium-sized golden retriever with a sweet and cheerful demeanor.

At first glance, his severely damaged back legs and trouble walking stand out. His warm, brown eyes, beautiful smile, continual tail wag, and sensitive demeanor get your attention next. Nelson adores both people and animals.

Animal Control contacted Animal Ark in Columbus on Monday. When an officer came across the malnourished puppy, he knew Animal Ark was his best chance for survival.

Nelson is no longer in danger. He is loved, cared for, and nourished. Medication is being used to treat his back leg pain. Additionally, after numerous vet visits and discussions, a plan to attempt and provide Nelson the life he deserves through an amputation and a wheelchair has been developed. Nelson is only a year old, according to Paige Stull, and almost all animals adapt to wheelchairs quite well.

Disabled animals often struggle to find forever homes. Bebe, a German shepherd/husky mix at The Animal Pad in San Diego, had her back legs amputated after being left in a cage for months. Bebe was saved by The Animal Pad after they learned about the dog’s situation and provided her with shelter, love, and appropriate medical attention. After undergoing a medical examination, it was determined that Bebe’s back legs needed to be removed in order to enhance her quality of life. Following the procedure, Bebe was given a wheelchair by Walkin’s Pets, a business that designs mobility equipment for animals. She has been at the shelter for over a year. As of July 2022, she is still waiting to be adopted.

Animals with disabilities can still be still lovable, and playful. Mobility equipment such as wheelchairs can improve their quality of life. Wheelchairs allow their users to explore the world more. This is true for humans and animals. A disability shouldn’t mean that an animal can’t find a loving home. All animals should be able to find loving, safe homes.


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