No Choice:

CW: Depression

Since I’ve developed depression, I’ve noticed that some people seem to think that depression is a choice I made. I can’t just snap out of it, either. Believe me when I say it isn’t a choice. I’d give anything to not have depression. I don’t like feeling sad, and not enjoying my hobbies.

However, more than that I don’t like the fatigue and difficulty concentrating. My sleep schedule is irregular. I usually fall asleep in the evenings, which I didn’t do before developing depression. I often sleep late as well.

I have trouble concentrating as well, which my doctor said is a symptom of depression. I never knew this until I had a doctor’s appointment. Watching TV is challenging because my mind races in lots of different directions. This is going to be problematic at college.

I want people to understand that living with mental health issues is tough. Getting through the day can feel impossible. I wouldn’t wish depression on anyone.

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