How I Show Love:

Cerebral Palsy means that I often don’t do things the same way as other people might. People with disabilities express their love for others in a variety of ways. The ways that I express love and care for people might not be the way most people do, but it does not mean that my expressions of love are any less important or valued. One of the biggest ways I show care for people is by running errands.

When I can get groceries for someone or pick up medicine because someone isn’t feeling well, it makes me feel like I am useful. I usually need help more often than not. So, it is nice to be helpful every time someone asks me to do errands or a favor. I take pride in helping out my loved ones. It can be as simple as picking up deli meat or picking up a prescription. It still makes me feel good. Too often, I am the one who needs someone’s help; it feels good to be helpful.

Writing is one of my passions. I love to take my passion and use it to make other people feel loved. I often spend a long time crafting individual poems and cards for people who I love. I usually decorate the poems with graphics and quotes that match the occasion and the recipient’s interests. It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes to make one. I always feel a sense of immense pride and joy when I finish one.

In addition, I show love by spending time with people and joining them in their interests. For example, when my grandmother was in a nursing home, I used my iPad to connect with her and show her that I loved her. I downloaded Price Is Right and Family Feud as she loved game shows. She and I were able to connect that day by using her interests as a starting point. It didn’t matter to me that I knew very little about game shows. I was delighted to see my grandmother engaged with something and enjoying herself.

Although I have never held a paying job, I still enjoy helping my loved ones. When it comes to Christmas and birthday presents, I like to spend time picking out thoughtful gifts for each person. I want to cater gifts to their interests. I want people to know that even though I have Cerebral Palsy and may not be able to contribute in traditional ways, I still care about them.

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  1. Your handmade cards are thoughtful and moving. The receiver sure feels your expression of love and care!

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