There’s Power in the Phrase “I Can’t.”

From the time we are little most people are told that they can do anything they want to if they have the willpower to do it. However, as somebody with a physical disability, I have begun to realize that there is power in the phrase “I can’t.” Knowing my limits has allowed me to focus on what I can do. It taught me to respect my disabled body’s abilities as well as its constraints. 

Realizing that at times I can’t really walk a little more, is not a symbol of failure at all, but of freedom. My wheelchair doesn’t limit me. When I am in my power wheelchair, I feel unburdened by my body’s limits. I can focus on fully enjoying experiences which I might otherwise miss out on. My power wheelchair has allowed me a level of spontaneity that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I will never climb a tree or ride a two-wheeler, but there are plenty of things I can do. I must focus on these things because they are worthwhile. I have found joy in the things I can do. Despite the limits of my body, I still live a full life. I have found a unique way to share my perspective with the world through my blog.

A non-disabled woman, even one with the most unbreakable spirit, knows that she cannot outrun a cheetah. It’s not because she isn’t brave, or because she didn’t try hard enough. That’s because she’s a human being whose legs do not match the power of a cheetah.

Nobody can do everything in the world. We are not invincible. Just like any other person, I have my strengths and challenges. Whatever you can do, I am sure it is uniquely you.

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