You Know You Have Cerebral Palsy When:

This post is going to differ from my usual posts. It is more of a lighthearted post. Without further ado, here are some ways you know you have cerebral palsy.

You Know You Have CP When:

-You want to list medical terminology as a second language on your resume.

-You consider physiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists and personal care attendants to be friends or extended family because you have known them a long time.

-You know the names of medications and therapy tools well enough that you impress your medical team with your knowledge.

-You can educate people on what CP is and how it affects you.

Word searches, mazes, and jigsaw puzzles prove challenging because of your poor spatial skills.

-You dislike fireworks, fire alarms, and war movies because they trigger your startle reflex.

-People often talk to your caregiver instead of you when you are out in public.

-You are used to having minimal or no privacy when getting dressed or taking a shower.

-You are used to making awkward small talk when you hire a new personal care attendant.

-You become excited when you can pick a new color for a wheelchair or your braces.

-When you read a blog post by a fellow disabled person, you feel like you can relate to them even if you’ve never met.

-You feel like a trip to the grocery store is like running a marathon.

-You are used to being asked personal questions while you are in public.

-A stranger has offered to pray for you or to heal you, usually while in public.

– Sometimes, you feel much older than you are because of pain, spasticity, or fatigue.

Please feel free to add to my list in the comments section below!

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