Inclusion in Higher Education

CW: Ableism A former Hocking College football player with Down syndrome is suing his alma mater, its president, and numerous current and former college workers. He alleges disability discrimination, retaliation, and assault. Down syndrome is caused by chromosome 21 trisomy; it is one of the most well-known chromosomal disorders in humans. It affects most body… Continue reading Inclusion in Higher Education

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, stepmoms, bonus moms, aunts, grandmothers, and mother figures out there. I have been blessed to have two wonderful mothers, two loving grandmothers, and several cherished aunts. Both of my moms have always been there for me. They were the ones who took me to St. Louis for my… Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

The Problem With Medical Moms

CW: Medical procedures & Ableism: Kyla Thompson’s daughter Bella was born in 2013. She has an autoimmune disease and a form of dwarfism. Thompson originally posted updates online to keep family members informed about her daughter. Kyla shared her updates on Facebook, blogs, and Instagram. Now, Thompson shares updates with 5.7 million followers on TikTok.… Continue reading The Problem With Medical Moms

Why Disability Benefits Are Challenging to Receive

Brenda Powell had a stroke and was in debilitating pain. She called the Social Security Administration last year to inquire about receiving disability benefits. The former Louisiana state office worker struggled at times to write her name or carry a glass of water. Powell, then 62, believed she could no longer work, and she was… Continue reading Why Disability Benefits Are Challenging to Receive

Where Are the Alternatives to Sheltered Workshops?

CW: Sheltered Workshops In San Francisco, people are working in a warehouse. All of the employees are adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. They work for local nonprofits and companies on a contract basis. The nonprofit employment agency that manages the shop, VistAbility, pays them $3 to $14 per hour. Their salary is dependent upon… Continue reading Where Are the Alternatives to Sheltered Workshops?

Disabled Children Are Stuck in Nursing Homes

CW: Institulization, Death & Neglect Older people with wheelchairs, walkers, and hearing aids spend their final years in an institutional setting at the Plantation Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on Northwest Fifth Street. Medically frail young children at the beginning of their lives spend day after day, year after year, confined to cribs in a nearby… Continue reading Disabled Children Are Stuck in Nursing Homes