Who Is Protecting the Vulnerable?

CW: Abuse

A Decatur Alabama man was arrested after reportedly assaulting someone with a “severe intellectual disability.”On Oct. 30, Decatur Police Department officers responded to a group home on Castleman Ave. SW in response to a report of an assault. When authorities arrived, they noticed the victim, who had substantial bruises and swelling consistent with physical assault.

An inquiry was launched after a detective from the DPD’s Family Services Unit and a caseworker from the Morgan County Department of Human Resources responded.

Jamarius Collins, the victim’s caretaker, was later found to have assaulted the victim. Collins was then arrested on a warrant. Collins was taken into the Madison County Jail on Friday on an abuse of a protected person charge. A $15,000 bond has been set for him.

Unfortunately, disabled people are more likely to experience sexual assault or abuse. Sexual assault is seven times more common against disabled people than against non-disabled people. Globally, girls and women with disabilities are ten times more likely to become victims of violence than women and girls without disabilities, according to research from World Bank Group.

The National Crime Victim Survey indicated in 2008 that disabled people experience greater rates of violence than those without disabilities. Sadly, the survey also found that victimization is twice as high for people with disabilities.

Disabled people have the right to live free from abuse. There is no excuse for abusing, neglecting, or killing disabled people. Everyone should be able to live a life free of abuse and neglect.


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