It’s More Than Medical Equipment

Tamika Williams was shopping at Cub Foods in south Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago. The simple errand would end with the single mother of four feeling desperate. Sadly, while she was shopping somebody broke the back glass of her Hyundai, crawled through it, and drove away 45 seconds later.

Inside the SUV was the wheelchair that allows Williams’ son to live his life. Samajae Adail has cerebral palsy and is unable to move or speak. He is undergoing spinal surgery soon. He will need his chair to get to and from appointments.

Samajae can’t go outside without his wheelchair. He doesn’t like being inside all day. “With that chair being missing all week, we’re sitting in the house not being able to even enjoy any outside time,” Williams said. “I call [Samajae] my Superman, so that was our super mobile.” Williams told WCCO.

“I even thought about going to Walmart and buying one of those big old wagons and supporting it with pillows just to get out this house.” Williams told WCCO.

The good news is that Williams’ car was discovered largely unharmed in north Minneapolis. However, Samajae’s wheelchair is still missing as of yesterday. The chair is distinctive, with Superman and Jordan logos. Williams holds out hope that it will be returned to her son.

I hope Samajae has his wheelchair returned to him. For disabled people, wheelchairs and other mobility equipment are often a lifeline. A wheelchair is more than medical equipment. The right equipment allows disabled people to live their lives and participate in society.


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