Why Medicaid Cuts Are Catastrophic for Disabled Americans

President Biden intends to refocus his criticism on House Republicans as they continue to disagree over raising the debt ceiling. Biden will argue that Republican demands for spending cuts in exchange for raising the cap will severely harm the Affordable Care Act, generally known as Obamacare, and Medicaid, two programs that Democrats have utilized to greatly expand health-care coverage. The shift comes after weeks of claiming that Republicans are threatening Social Security and Medicare, two popular social programs.

Legislators are in the midst of negotiating a federal budget and seeking to avoid a potential default on the national debt. The White House has called for the debt ceiling to be raised. Biden is refusing to negotiate this matter, a stance that officials say has not changed.

Republicans have not proposed any cuts to Medicaid so far. The White House, however, cited Republican fiscal plans that called for these cuts.

These options included capping the extended ACA subsidies established by the American Rescue Plan and the Inflation Reduction Act. However, analysts are skeptical that this policy will garner majority support among Republicans at this time.

The Republican Study Committee recommended issuing block grants through Medicaid that would cap payments to states. There would be no annual adjustments for increases in health care expenses, in its proposed budget for 2023.

Millions of disabled people nationwide rely on Medicaid to live in their communities. Medicaid waivers can provide a range of services. Examples of covered services under a Medicaid waiver include hospice care, home modifications, durable medical equipment, home healthcare, and therapy services including physical, occupational and, speech therapies.

I have Cerebral Palsy and rely on Massachusetts Medicaid to pay for my PCA services. Unfortunately, the annual cost is more than $50,000. Medicaid allows me to live in an apartment in my community. Home and community based services are not covered by private insurance.

Cuts to Medicaid coverage would mean my life would change in an instant. The loss of Medicaid coverage would be even more devastating as I would lose all of the services that allow me to live in the community. Millions of Americans rely on these services to remain in their communities.


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