Looking Ahead In 2023:

CW: Depression

Happy New Year! I don’t develop traditional resolutions like some people. Instead, I focus on meaningful activities and goals for the entire year that are flexible.

Last year, I read several books. Among my favorites were Tuesdays With Morrie, Papi: My Story, and A Life Beyond Reason: A Father’s Memoir. I particularly enjoyed these books because they were true stories.

Depression made me lose interest in my hobbies which included reading. It was a wonderful feeling to get lost in books again. I want to read more this year.

I am also looking forward to my future. I plan to take more marketing courses to enhance my skills. Ultimately I want to pursue a career in marketing. Some day, I would like to work for a professional sports team in advertising or marketing.

This year, I also have a passion for learning again. I haven’t felt this way for a while. I completed a certificate program in digital marketing. I forgot what excitement felt like for a long time. I hope to be employed part-time by the end of the year too.

I hope to take day trips this year as well. For the past several years, the pandemic has limited people’s ability to travel. I miss being able to go museums, aquariums, and zoos. In particular, I want to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY.

I am excited to see what 2023 is going to be like. Most of all, I hope that my friends and family are happy and healthy this year. May 2023 bring health, happiness and peace to all of us.

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