Memories Of Christmas Past:

Merry Christmas to all of my readers who celebrate! Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love the holiday season. My parents always made this time of year memorable when I was growing up.

Home movies show how exciting Christmas was when I was a child. I would unwrap my presents with such enthusiasm. Growing up, I received more than any child could wish for at Christmastime. I have always been very fortunate.

I remember very few gifts that I received as a child. I often received books, electronics, and stuffed animals. I received an iPad in 2010, which was unexpected. I still remember how excited I was that day.

My favorite gifts are sentimental. I save nearly all of the greeting cards from my loved ones. It is wonderful to read their messages. I have several homemade ones from my cousin.

Last year, I received the piggy bank my grandmother had kept for me. The banks were always on the shelf in the spare bedroom. My grandmother had a bank for each of her grandchildren. Many times, I would look at them when visiting. Every cent was put away with love.

The family traditions are my favorite part of the holidays. For years, we went to the same Christmas tree farm. The owners took a family picture every year. They often had hot chocolate and cookies as well.

Baking cookies is another cherished family tradition. I still enjoy baking cookies with my mom as an adult. The same set of cookie cutters has been used since I can remember. They are red and feature Christmas images.

I enjoy watching Christmas movies as well. I grew up watching them with my parents and sister. Yesterday I watched The Polar Express at my mom’s house. Christmas movies bring back lots of good memories.

The holidays have always been a special time. I have many wonderful memories of the holidays as a child. I am blessed to have a loving family and good friends. Their love and support is the most wonderful gift of all.

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  1. Grace, those are beautiful Christmas memories, thank you for your vulnerability and sharing such lovely heart trinkets. Merry Christmas ❤️🎄❤️

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