Depression is Exhausting:

CW: Depression

Since I was diagnosed with depression two years ago, I’ve experienced much more fatigue. I don’t have energy like I used to. College became uninteresting to me as well. I had to force myself to do homework. I am nervous about going back. My motivation is gone. In a year I went from writing for the campus newspaper to being in tears when I would leave campus.

My sleep schedule is irregular. Sometimes I don’t fall asleep until early in the morning. I can’t stop thinking at night. My mind races. I also sleep in the evenings after dinner.

My appetite is also irregular. I rarely eat full meals anymore. I have to force myself to eat sometimes. My favorite foods don’t appeal to me as much either. Going out to eat used to be something I enjoyed as well.

Depression is a frustrating condition to live with. It can be more than just sadness at times. I never knew that depression could make you feel tired, or lose interest in socializing. I’d never wish depression on anyone.

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