Disabled People’s Happiness:

Cerebral Palsy can make happiness seem elusive at times. Ableism is frustrating to deal with every day. Since I began blogging last summer, I’ve been happier overall. Sharing my thoughts and experiences online has been therapeutic for me. I no longer have to keep my thoughts in my head. I have also made wonderful connections through my blog and social media profiles. One day, I hope to be a published author.

As a disabled person, community support is vital for everyday life. My PCA helps me shower, use the bathroom, and get dressed. For many of us with disabilities, caregivers allow us to live our lives. I wouldn’t be able to leave the house if I didn’t have my PCA’s support. CP prevents me from driving a car, so I need someone to drive me to the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, and other places.

At times, relying on someone to assist me with activities of daily living is challenging. I am forced to allow people into the most private parts of my day out of necessity. It never gets easier to need someone’s help using the bathroom. However, my PCAs allow me to live in an apartment rather than a facility. I am much happier living in my hometown with access to the community.

Life with a disability can be challenging at times, but I try to find joy every day. I don’t know where I would be without my community’s support. Your support means the world to me. Without support and services from my community, I wouldn’t be able to live in my apartment.

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