Disabilities Don’t Need To Be Overcome:

Recently on the website Upworthy, a story has resurfaced about a bride surprising everyone by walking down the aisle at her wedding. A bride walking down the aisle doesn’t typically make national news. However, the bride has been using a wheelchair since becoming paralyzed. People were abuzz on social media about the story and how inspirational it was. If the bride had used her wheelchair, it probably wouldn’t have gone viral.

Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean that a wedding is any less of a joyous occasion. A wedding is about celebrating the love between two people. Friends and family usually join the couple. A wheelchair shouldn’t make a wedding less memorable. A wheelchair just happens to be how the bride gets around.

I have used a power wheelchair since I was 13. I saw needing a wheelchair as defeat. I was afraid that people would treat me differently in a wheelchair. My wheelchair has allowed me to enjoy life a lot more. I have been able to enjoy trips to the arcade more in my wheelchair.

I took a trip to the Connecticut Science Center and used my wheelchair there as well. I spent the day there and had the energy to go to dinner at Bertucci’s afterward. I had fun exploring different exhibits, and played a game called Mindball.

Last year, I attended my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah in my chair. My cousin didn’t care that I used my wheelchair that day. He and his family were happy that I was there to celebrate with them. It didn’t matter that I was in my wheelchair. I was able to enjoy the service and the celebration that followed.

To me, my wheelchair represents freedom and greater independence. Stories about overcoming one’s disability are harmful. A wheelchair doesn’t make special occasions any less memorable. As long as everyone has a good time at a wedding, who cares if the bride uses a wheelchair?

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